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PP FRP Tanks
PP FRP tanks find their applications in handling corrosive chemical substances. These are also ideal for storing alkalis and acids. PP FRP tanks can withstand maximum heat and temperatures. Our provided products are suitable for various pH values and other concentrations. 

FRP Storage Tanks
FRP storage tanks are applicable for industrial and commercial applications which include food & beverage, water & wastewater, power, chemical and more. Our offerings can also be used for high purity applications. FRP storage tanks can be found in mining, chemical, energy and metal industries. 

SS Storage Tanks
SS storage tanks are highly versatile in nature and can be found in hospitals, brewery, cement plant, food & beverage industry and water treatment plants. These are capable of holding liquids. SS storage tanks are applicable for both cold and heat processes. 

Sewage Treatment Plant
Sewage treatment plants are made for creating an effluent which is responsible for causing less water pollution by getting discharged in the environment. These are also applicable for waste management purpose. Sewage treatment plants also remove contaminants from the sewage. 

ETP Plant
ETP plants are appreciated for removing debris, organic compounds, toxic, grit, dirt and other materials. These are also suitable for polymers and non-toxic materials from industrial effluent. ETP plants are found in commercial and industrial sectors. Our products are highly efficient and durable. 

MS Storage Tank
MS storage tanks are utilized for compressing gases and holding liquids. These are designed in a cylindrical shape. Our provided products are also used as a pressure vessel. As the name suggests, MS storage tans are made up of top grade mild steel.

Chemical Storage Tank
Chemical storage tanks are available in different sizes and shapes. These are ideal for mixing, static storage, transport, processing of chemical products and raw materials. Chemical storage tanks store compressed gases, hold liquids and more. Our offered items are containers for chemicals. 

FRP Pipe
FRP pipes are a wise choice for vent piping and ducting. Common applications of the said products include water distribution, transmission, chemical, gas industries and more. FRP pipes are also suitable for petrochemical, desalination, portable water, power plants and more. 

MS And SS Pressure Vessel Storage Tank
MS and SS pressure vessel storage tanks are admired by the clients for maximum storage capacity and durability. These are used in distribution and pressure systems. MS and SS pressure vessel storage tanks have a strong construction, anti-abrasive nature and easy installation. 

PP Storage Tank
PP storage tanks are attributed with high tensile and compressive strength. These are light in weight and can hold compressed gases and liquids. Our products can withstand extreme temperature. PP storage tanks are resistant to chemical and corrosion.

Scrubber System
Scrubber system is designed for controlling gaseous emissions like acid gases. It is best suitable for LED processes, PV processes and high flows in solar. Our offered product is also ideal for heat recovery. Scrubber system is appreciated for high performance efficiency and robustness.

FRP Blower
FRP blower is ideal for oven recirculation system, dairy processing system, pollution control system, material handling system etc. It is utilized for aspirating, ventilating, cooling and conveying applications. FRP blower is used in the areas where exhaustion is required. 

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